"Baran" Review

By Peter Rainer New York Magazine

The Iranian director Majid Majidi, who made "The Color of Paradise," has a marvelous eye for composition, yet the suffering in his films, and there's plenty of it, never seems picturesque. His new film, "Baran," is about Lateef (Hossein Abedini), an Iranian laborer on a construction site who develops an unspoken ardor for Baran (Zahra Bahrami), an illegal Afghan immigrant trying to pass as a boy in order to support her family. It's an elliptical tragedy in which the fate of its characters takes on a larger significance while never losing its intimacy. When the girl turns away from Iran and goes behind her burka, we are watching not just the donning of a garment but the closing-down of a life.

Originally Published December 10, 2001

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