Home Work - "Where is the Friend's Home?" Review

By Jeffrey M. Anderson Combustible Celluloid

I highly recommend all of Abbas Kiarostami's films, but to start with I'd suggest "Where Is the Friend's Home?" (1987), the simplest and most moving of his films. In it, a young boy needs simply to return his cousin's composition book to him but doesn't know exactly where the cousin lives. In this film, as with his others, the journey itself, the time it takes, and the place we're in become more important than the actual destination. Seeing a Kiarostami film is as refreshing and exciting as discovering an Orson Welles or a Jean Renoir film for the first time. He's that good.

Note: The above was written for my 2000 San Francisco International Film Festival preview. Kiarostami was honored that year with the festival's lifetime achievement in directing award. The film's title has been listed under several different variations, including: "Where Is My Friend's Home" and "Where Is My Friend's House?."

Originally Published April 16, 2000

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