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Firouzan Films uses the medium of film as a cultural bridge between Iran and the West.

We host several lists that act as starting points for learning about Iranian Cinema and its standing in the world. These lists include The Firouzan Fifty greatest Iranian movies of all time, The Iranian Movie Hall of Fame, Iranian Diaspora Cinema, and even a list devoted to Hollywood's portrayal of Iranians entitled Hollywood and Iran. For quick access to Iranian movie trailers and scenes please visit Firouzan Films at our YouTube Channel. If you can't find what you are looking for please try the Google Custom Search at the bottom of every page.

Firouzan Films is also dedicated to the creation of documentary films about the country of Iran: its people, its history, and its cultural, scientific, literary and artistic contributions to the world. In doing so we hope to produce thought-provoking and entertaining documentaries that are mutually beneficial in terms of education and understanding for Iranians and Westerners alike.

While we expect that the primary audience for our documentaries will consist mostly of people of Iranian descent, wherever they may live, we hope that our documentaries will be viewed by anyone curious to learn about Iranian culture and to further their understanding of the people of an often misunderstood country whose government is at odds with that of the United States.

The first such documentary Dr. Mossadeq: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Shah is currently in production.

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